Service Puppy Training

Holdfast K9 is an approved Alberta Government Qualified Service Dog Training Organization.


Service Puppy Training Overview

  • This program offers 14 weeks (from 10 weeks to 6 months of age) of training to prepare your puppy for service dog work.
  • Class is limited to a minimum of 3 dogs to allow proper socialization.


Owner must provide the following on the first day of training.

  • Proof of vaccinations
  • Completed Medical Recommendation for a Service Dog PDSI11477
  • Completed Veterinary Requirements for a Service Dog PDSI11478


$700 - Program consists of a one-hour class per week for 14 weeks and a “Service Puppy” training manual.

Service Puppy Training Overview

  • Basic puppy rules.
  • How to properly bond with your puppy.
  • How to install proper service dog manners.
  • Feeding, House and cart training.
  • Socializing Your Puppy.
  • Things your puppy should never do
  • Things your puppy should be doing.
  • How to watch for signs of stress and insecurity
  • How to start training your puppy
  • Early Developmental Period
  • Pack Leadership
  • Praising Appropriate Behavior
  • Correcting Inappropriate Behavior:
  • Consistency in your use of correction.
  • Formula for Success.
  • Generalizing Commands.
  • Controlling the Environment
  • Socialization without Contact

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