For obedience training my objective is to meet with you at my acreage to address any concerns or training requirements you may have. In extreme cases where the dog cannot travel Holdfast K9 will conduct a home visit, or a coordinate zoom session to determine the problems you are having can be properly addressed.

Holdfast K9 Charges $90 Per Session


Depending on the location additional costs may apply if the location is rural and outside the City of Edmonton or St Albert Area.

My objective is to meet with you in your home or a predetermined location of your choosing.

The initial consultation will take 1.5 hours and is done to obtain dog, handler and environmental information as well assess the dog for obedience.

This information will be used to develop a training plan for your needs with coaching and assistance from Holdfast K9.

The initial consultation paperwork usually takes 30 minutes which is followed up with 60 minutes of hands on training.

Depending on the amount of sessions required, the handler will be required to go away and practice/ train a minimum of 15-30 minutes a day until the next session.

Consistency in training is the key to successful dog training.

Any follow-up consultations will be one hour in length and involve verification of training assigned through demonstration and then additional hands on work to continue to improve skills.

Holdfast K9 will adjust/ amend training plans if needed and will make sure that you have the knowledge and skills you need to continue moving forward with your dog.

Holdfast K9 recommends a minimum of two consultations be booked so that a proper assessment can be done, and a training plan established and a follow up session to monitor your progress and make changes to the issued training plan.

The amount of sessions required will vary depending on the issues you’d like to work and the level of support you prefer.

Holdfast K9 recommends you select three (3) training objectives you want to focus on and build your consultation requirement around that.

Please note that any reactive behavior problems (aggression, fear, etc) will more than likely require a minimum of four sessions.

This is not a guarantee the problem will be resolved as further sessions may be required.

Regardless of the amount of session you choose, Holdfast K9 objective is to set you up with the tools and mentorship you require to address the concerns you have.