Holdfast K9 is dedicated to providing simple yet effective training plans to its clients to assist them in developing a very obedient dog.

I am committed to providing the most effective, convenient solutions to my clients’ dog training needs.

The emphasis is always on having fun and building a dedicated bond with your dog.

I am actively engaged in ongoing continuing education and professional development in the dog training industry.


I am currently a Service Dog Trainer with Courageous Companions and coordinate weekly training sessions in the Edmonton Area.

My involvement with service dogs began 4 years ago when I entered the Courageous Companions program as a program participant.

I was paired with my first service dog and my life changed direction.

I understand the importance of establishing a solid training foundation in the dog.


I hold the following Certifications

  1. Certified Dog Obedience and Trainer/ Instructor
  2. Certified Canine Reactive Behavior
  3. Certified Canine First Aid
  4. Certified Canine Anxiety
  5. Certified Dogs and Children
  6. Certified Canine Fear
  7. Service Dog Trainer – In Practicum with MSAR Service Dogs


I have also completed workshops on the following

  1. Inside the Dogs Minds
  2. How to Work with Aggressive Dogs
  3. Growl Class
  4. Treatment and Prevention of Dog Aggression, Biting and Fighting
  5. Canine First Aid


Service Dog Trainer – In Practicum Courageous Companions/ MSAR Service Dogs)