Holdfast K9 is dedicated to providing simple yet effective training plans to its clients to assist them in developing a very obedient dog.

I am committed to providing the most effective, convenient solutions to my clients’ dog training needs.

The emphasis is always on having fun and building a dedicated bond with your dog.

I am actively engaged in ongoing continuing education and professional development in the dog training industry.

I am currently a Service Dog Trainer with Courageous Companions and coordinate weekly training sessions in the Edmonton Area.

My involvement with service dogs began 4 years ago when I entered the Courageous Companions program as a program participant.

I was paired with my first service dog and my life changed direction.

I understand the importance of establishing a solid training foundation in the dog.

I hold the following Certifications

  • Certified Service Dog Trainer – CSDT (MSAR Service Dogs)
  • Certified Dog Obedience Trainer Instructor
  • Certified Canine Reactive Behavior
  • Certified Canine Anxiety
  • Certified Canine Fear
  • Certified Canine First Aid
  • Certified Dogs and Children
  • Certified Puppy Development, Care and Coaching
  • Certified Canine Nutrition.
  • Certified Dog Behavior Training Methodology - DBTM
  • Diploma – Search Dog Handler
An H5 additional context title

I have also completed workshops on the following

  • Growl Class
  • How to work with aggressive Dogs
  • Inside Your Dogs Mind
  • Treatment and prevention of Dog Aggression biting and Fighting

Service Dog Trainer – In Practicum Courageous Companions/ MSAR Service Dogs)

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