Board your dog(s) at the Holdfast K9 facility to address behavioral issues or just to provide a safe place for your dog to stay and train while you are away a few days, weeks, or months.

We accept dog boarding for anywhere from a weekend to months at a time.


The dog will stay:

  • In a relaxed country environment with acres to play, walk, and run.
  • Your dog will live, socialize, play, and learn with a pack of balanced dogs in a home living environment.
  • The dogs are not kept in cages and are not in a stressful kennel surrounded by barking dogs.
  • A Professional dog trainer will work with your dog (if required).
  • Your dog will receive positive attention and stimulation in a safe, caring learning environment.
  • There are no more than four dogs at a kennel and board facility at one time. (This does not include the pack of service and working dogs already living on site).

What you can expect your dog to do while staying at our facility.

  • Go for long walks on private trails with new dog friends.
  • Get a groom or bath,
  • Receive additional training to address issues ranging from barking and jumping up to socialization and aggression.
  • Relax inside the house, play with toys, and watch tv and with their new dog friends.
  • Play at the agility park located on the property (currently under development)
  • Take long naps after a walk, games.
  • Play (under supervision) on the 4-acre property.

Board and Train Costs

  • Service Dog Boarding: Monthly rate starts at $1,000.
  • General Boarding and training: Monthly rate starts at $1,200.
  • Training and Rehabilitation: Monthly rate starts at $1,500.


If accepted for Board and train the owner must provide the following:

  • Proof of vaccination.
  • Identify and dietary restrictions.
  • Identify any medical restrictions.
  • Dog food.Collar with the following:
    • Vaccination Tag,
    • Tag indicating dogs name and contact phone number of owner.